Best free social media management tools

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However, if you run a small business, you know that social media marketing is a must. Keeping tabs on the content and posting schedules of all channels, especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is not an easy task, and the Best free social media management tools are helping us, having an optimized system for managing your social channels is a huge help.

For that reason, we are having some of the best free social media management tools.

There are multiple social media operation tools out there to save you time and stress while you produce and run great juggernauts.

It is very hard to choose the correct tool for your business for managing social media where too many free, paid, and freemium tools are also available in the market.

And away from affordability, their reach and ease of use can vary. This is simply not doable for numerous small businesses that operate with a sprinkle of workers.

With the Best free social media management tools, numerous small businesses turn to social media operation platforms.

That let them produce a comprehensive social media marketing strategy they can manage all in one place.

How to choose the Best free social media management tools

Managing multiple social media accounts requires imagination, planning, and the ability to execute. Marketers need the help of various social media tools to carry out this process.

The best free social media management tool to help you manage your accounts on various social media platforms.

Step 1- Note down the features you need in the social media operation tool 

Step 2- Check where your social media operation tasks are lagging behind 

Step 3- Check your requirements and examine the tool whether is serving you the right or not.

Step 4- Check the features of the social media operation tool 

Step 5- Check user-friendliness of the tool

Step 6- Check and compare the pricing with other tools in the market

Step 7- Check the after-sales service of the tool

Eventually, choosing the right marketing and social media operation platform depends on the specific requirements of your business.

The key is to choose a tool that covers not only your present requirements but what your business requires to grow.

Our top picks for the best free social media management tools help you save time, boost productivity, and build your social media presence.

The Best free social media management tools are 


Hootsuite features a clean dashboard that supports the utmost major social media tasks post scheduling, monitoring, analytics, and platoon collaboration.

Druggies can integrate a wide range of operations into the dashboard, including Adobe Stock, Panoramic perceptivity, Google My Business, and Canva.

Its free plan allows a single stoner to set up 2 social channels and can record 5 at a time.

Druggies seeking to reach wide followership will probably need to use 1 of the 4 paid plans, which begin with the Professional at$ 49/ month.

While that’s a reasonable price, the Professional plan only allows for a single stoner and 10 social network biographies. The Team plan permits 3 druggies and 20 biographies for$ 249/ month.

The Business league jumps to 5 druggies and up to 35 social biographies, but its$ 739/ month price label probably won’t appeal to numerous small businesses.


Buffer is the best free social media management tool that’s been around for a long while. stoners love its simple interface.

Also, it was the first software to introduce the places feature, where you set time places beforehand and add posts to them.

Pablo tool makes it easy to produce illustrations that you can subsequently record with Buffer schedule and scheduling features make it easy to plan and manage your social media presence.

Offers detailed analytics to meliorate your social media marketing You can connect up to three social channels with the free plan and schedule 10 posts per channel.

To connect further accounts, and schedule, 000 posts per channel, you need to subscribe to a paid plan

. You also get access to spare features analogous to individual post analytics, Instagram hashtag director, cult demographics, Shopify performance, shop grid, and boosted post perceptivity with the paid plans.

Buffer has three paid plans rudiments$ 6 per month per social channel team$ 12 per month per social channel Agency$ 120 per month for 10 channels.


Socialoomph has handed listed social advertisement services since 2008. It is having both free and paid plans for its potential audience.

The Free Plan allows a single stoner to schedule unlimited posts to one social profile( limited to outside of three posts per hour).

Indeed the most precious Business Suite is nicely priced compared to contending apps. Socialoomph has a much more stark interface than its challengers.

It does, still, give multitudinous benefits, and crackers will love it. utmost other people will need to make use of the helplines as setting up your social accounts is the most grueling part of the entire process.

A central conception in Socialoomph is that of brigades. With a free account, you automatically have one platoon – called “ My Account.

Build a post from scrape; you can bulk import them, can set up colorful ranges, and collect content from RSS feeds.

You can produce content for your blog and publish it at set times using Socialoomph’s line. You can also use another line to publicize your blog posts across your social channels.

Creator Studio

Businesses, influencers, and content producers can track their important social data in one location with the aid of Facebook’s Creator Studio.

Facebook creators may manage their Facebook Pages as well as the scheduling and management of their postings. Instagram’s business and creator accounts may publish material from their PCs and manage their feeds using this tool.

Your monthly profits, video views, net followers, and interaction are all provided in detail by the tool. Two of the most popular social networking sites are Facebook and Instagram, with 2.85 billion and 1.38 billion monthly active users, respectively.

For independent artists, Creator Studio provides the Brand Collabs Manager.


Ubercircle will assist you in streamlining your social media procedures and effectively delivering material to your fans.

With social media networks, you can save hours of planning, scheduling, analyzing, and reporting. It simply takes 10- 20 twinkles per day to get all tasks set up and ready to go live.

Ubercircle allows you to work directly from the web without having to download or install any software.

This increases the accessibility of effects! Another notable feature is the ability to organize prints and videos. All of your prints and videos will be saved in one location that is accessible from any device.

It’s simple to sync photos and videos from your phone, laptop, Google Drive, or Dropbox. You can then modify your media using a variety of drag-and-drop tools.

Social pilot

A straightforward and successful social media marketing tool is SocialPilot. It’s a popular tool for teams and businesses looking to streamline social media management.

With the help of SocialPilot, which is used by over 115,000 companies, they can easily manage their social media responsibilities on a daily basis and efficiently boost community participation.

In addition to basic functions like mass scheduling posts, SocialPilot gives users access to an astounding array of services that are crucial for a variety of clientele, including small companies, professionals, marketing agencies, teams, and enterprises.

With the help of robust and in-depth social media analytics and white-label PDF reports, you can keep track of everything that is shown and running on your social media network.

You can enhance your social media tactics and raise engagement by making more data-driven decisions.


The best free tool for managing social media is for scheduling posts. A must-have social media planner is Later, which makes planning and scheduling posts incredibly simple.

Although the scheduling feature may be utilized on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn, it is largely focused on Instagram marketing.

It intends to simplify the process for all users, whether they represent a company or an individual while developing and publishing image-based postings.

The finest function of Later is the user-friendly Visual Planner for Instagram, which shows users how their planned posts will appear on their feeds.

The planned photos may then be dragged and dropped to design the perfect Instagram feed. After you’re finished, the tool will automatically submit information in the manner you specified.

The Visual Planner is accessible to all users. But things improve. One account from each of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok may be added, and you can plan 30 posts on each of these sites.

Also, companies and content producers have access to analytics so they can monitor the effectiveness of their postings. This makes it easier to provide content that meets client demands.


For small businesses, the best free social media management tool Agorapulse is the free social media management solution to take control of your feed for independent producers and small enterprises.

A social CRM tool is available on the all-in-one social media platform without charge. With the aid of this functionality, users should be able to grow their following, manage their current followers, and draw in new ones.

Users may be grouped using labels, you can monitor previous social interactions, and an automatic rating system lets you keep track of who is using your profile the most. Internal remarks regarding followers can also be left on the site.

Users on the free plan can connect three social media accounts and schedule 40 posts each month in addition to the social CRM. Also, you may mark postings to aid in tracking campaigns.


A clear, calendar-based approach for scheduling material, ContentCal’s social media management platform includes team collaboration, audit trails, and content libraries.

There is a free plan available for people, but it is quite restricted—it allows for a maximum of 4 social media profiles to be planned and published, as well as 10 scheduled posts—and it only supports 1 user and 1 calendar.

Paid options for ContentCal start at $37 per month for their Basic plan. The Pro plan only permits 150 scheduled posts per month but also supports 1 or 2 users, 1 or 2 calendars, and 5 connections per calendar.

Their Advanced subscription, which costs $119 a month, offers three users, three calendars, ten connections per calendar, and unlimited postings.

On the Expert, there are more sophisticated features including additional users, calendars, and support.


The all-in-one Marketing Platform of Mailchimp, which is one of the Best free social media management tools originally served as an email marketing tool for small businesses, has now grown to encompass a variety of marketing tools, features, and data analytics capabilities.

A marketing calendar, 300+ integrations, organic social media sharing, managing Facebook and Instagram advertisements, and the option to link Mailchimp to other online services and applications are all included in its Free marketing plan.

In addition, the Free plan gives you access to a website builder, a free domain with the Mailchimp logo, and as many landing pages as you require.

When your business grows, Mailchimp’s premium subscriptions, which feature social post scheduling, a customer path builder, and behavioral targeting, start at just $13 per month.


Social media management tools are essential for businesses to keep track of their online presence and manage their campaigns. In this article, we have discussed some of the best free social media management tools available in the market.

These tools provide all the necessary features to help businesses create and manage their campaigns efficiently.

From scheduling posts to monitoring conversations and tracking analytics, these tools provide a comprehensive suite of features for businesses to make sure that their campaigns are successful.

Social media management tools can help businesses of all sizes to better manage their social media presence.

From scheduling posts and tracking analytics to engaging with followers, these tools can help companies save time and money while increasing the reach of their content.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best free social media management tools that are available in the market today.

These tools are easy to use, offer great features, and can be used by businesses of all sizes.

With these tools, businesses can easily manage their social media accounts in an efficient way without having to invest a lot of money.

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